The Magical Thai Tattoo – Hah Taew, 5 Lines of Magic

We are now going to examine the Hah Taew Thai tattoo which consists of 5 lines, or as it’s known in Thailand the five row yantra. The 5 lines represent different magical spells, more on that later. So just what is a Yant? Well, yants are actually chants which are also known as Khatas (sorry to confuse you more!). So the yants are chants that are actually chanted over and over one hundred and eight times in total, cool eh. This is chanted before the higher level of meditation is reached, the ground work as it were in Thai tattooing. So let’s take a look at the different magical spells that can be cast:

The purpose of the first row, the first taew (which translated in Thai as a row) is to prevent unfair punishment and even better will mean that if the situation is a grey area that this will always or at least usually go in your favor. This base row is also to make sure that you’re free of any unwanted spirits that might want to muddle with your fortune. And is that wasn’t enough from the first row of your Thai tattoo it will also protect your place of rest AKA your home!

The second row, or song taew in Thai which also refers to the 2 row public pick up trucks that have as the name suggests, two rows is one that I’m not so interested in as I don’t believe in horoscopes. Yes you guessed it, the second row in the Hah Taew Yantra Thai tattoo will protect and even reverse any bad horoscope constellations which will also mean you will be protected against any bad fortune.


Now things are heating up with the third row, I love this one. The third taew actually protects you from any black magic thrown your way. I love the way the Thais are so superstitious believing in ghosts and reincarnation but I didn’t know until recently that they also believe in black magic; although I’ve not heard of any voodoo dolls in Thai culture. Still to be protected from black magic with cool Thai tattoos is all good by me.


The fourth is a bit lame although I can see why it got second to top spot. The fourth row will almost guarantee you success in your future endeavors and ambitions.

Finally, and top of the pile is the fifth row or ‘Hah taew’ in Thai (hah means five, hence the popular ‘555’ written on social media by Thais meaning ha, ha, ha or funny). The fifth row in the popular and sacred Yantra hah taew tattoo will of course make you more attractive to the opposite sex and generally improve your charisma. Man I love Thailand!